We like to be involved in community events!

Today was no ordinary event! While the guys were out working hard outside Erika one of the owners of Price Right Tree Service was attending a political event. Why?

Because as Americans we have a responsibility not only to be informed with the changes that are happening in our country, but also to be INVOLVED and use our voice for change to happen!

Erika was the only person in the room who was a milleniaul. She was told that in many of these political events they hardly see any “ young women “ involved. This is such a shame!

We really hope this changes! That not only women, but men would take the torch from those people who have done their duty for our country!

The subject of todays event was “ Sexual Trafficking” - The speaker was Mallory Vincent and she is the Assistant Attorney General of Texas. She gave the group such a detailed insight of how sexual trafficking is happening in our country, but also the RED FLAGS for people to be aware of.

If you happen to see something suspicious when you are out and about … please report it to the National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline: 1-888 3737- 888. Its better to be safe than sorry! It could be someones child you are rescuing by being ALERT and making that phone call!

As Americans we can make a difference for our communities! It starts with being involved!

Pitstick Family