Hi! We are Jay and Arlene, owners of Nye Woodworks. We build a great variety of wood furniture and decor. Farmhouse style is our passion, but we can also be versatile an build for you other styles so you can have the right piece for your space.
We love what we do and we will put all our effort and love into every single project. Trust us, it is our pleasure to serve you!

But let me tell you a little bit more about us... we started this as a "hobby" when we bought our first home and my beautiful wife asked for a farm table... I said, great! But when we started shopping around and checking prices, it was kind of unfair and totally out of our budget! That's how Nye Woodworks started! I built our first farm table, and please, don't take it wrong, it was gorgeous... family and friends came to our house and loved it! One day we said: “let’s see how it goes by putting our dinning for sale”. I put it for sale and the next day a sweet lady took it home! Since then, we’ve built many tables and many more awesome wood creations!

Today, families are asking us to build custom wood furniture for their homes, others want us to refinish their furniture for a new fresh look. Nye Woodworks is our passion! If you live in Texas, we are one option to start your dream farm house furniture! We would love to hear from you, our email is
Feel free to visit our Facebook Page at and Like us to stay connected! You will see pictures, clients reviews and decor tips! Prices depends on style, size and the finishing that you want, so feel free to message us for more information and estimates! We will be more than happy to talk with you and give you some ideas!

Thank you and God bless y’all!

-Nye Woodworks



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