Family owned and operated

People are always surprised to hear about how we started. 

Well here is a short version of the story:

In 2004, Price (owner) started mowing yards with two of his high school friends. When a mentor of theirs named Garrett Dean gave them 30 of his clients, this gave them the motivation to continue growing their business.  After graduation, Price's two buddies left for college and the Marines so Price decided to keep on the clients and run the business while he went to EMT school. From mowing lawns to landscaping, Price quickly saw a need in tree trimming and thought he would seek this field out. Price found a passion in this career and decided to dive in. Price is now married with Erika and have two children (age 3 and 2)  and a baby on the way! 

We are blessed with the clients we meet and the employees that we get to work with. Every day we learn new things and it is our goal to always provide the BEST quality service possible! 




Pitstick Family