Owner - Price Pitstick back in high school

It all started with mowing neighbors grass.


It all started when...

In 2004, Price started mowing yards with two of his high school friends. When a mentor of theirs named Garrett Dean gave them 30 of his clients, this gave them the motivation to continue growing their business.  After graduation, Price's two buddies left for college and the Marines so Price decided to keep on the clients and run the business while he went to EMT school. From mowing lawns to landscaping, Price quickly saw a need in tree trimming and thought he would seek this field out. Price found a passion in this career and decided to dive in...


First Original Shirt

The start of Price Right!

After EMT school Price had a life changing experience where he surrendered himself to The Lord. He felt God calling him into ministry. A little over a year he took a full time ministry position and continued to do tree work on the side. During this time he met his wife Erika while traveling in Israel and they soon got married. 

Settling in the Fort Worth area in 2014, Price saw that God was transferring him out of full time ministry and into full time tree service work. Since then, Price has been caring for his local community and their properties. Price has a love and a passion for arboriculture. He looks forward to working with you on any outdoor project you may need.


Our Ribbon Cutting in 2014 with the Chamber of Commerce, Arlington.